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How to Celebrate the Win

When it comes to sports, there are a number of things that draw people to this time honored pastime. For example, the physical challenge of it can be deeply rewarding in and of itself. The camaraderie of team sports is another powerful motivator. However, one thing, above all others, attracts athletes to compete in sports, and that’s the thrill of victory. Winning is a deeply coveted and sought after prize in sports, games, and anything and everything else that has a winning condition. And, for good reason. Winning releases endorphins in the brains, aka “the feel good chemical” that rewards beneficial behavior. While this has roots in evolution for the sake of survival, now it mainly manifests in less meaningful ways. However, the thrill of victory is no less real. Here are some tips on how you and your team can celebrate your victories.

First and foremost, commemorating the occasion is a popular way to celebrate the big W. For starters, consider immortalizing the moment with a photo. And, while you’re at it, blow that photo up larger than life with Shutterfly and hang it in a place of honor for all to see. Depending on the scope of the win, a trophy or other such prize may be on the line, but if it’s your first win, maybe have a trophy made, or buy a trophy to celebrate the milestone.

Another way to celebrate a victory is to have a party. Many school sports teams have pizza parties or similar affairs to celebrate a team victory, and for good reason. Who doesn’t love a slice of ‘za, and as a reward of taking home to W make it all the sweeter. In the same vein, another way to celebrate is pay extra lip service to the performance of the team at relevant events, such as school pep rallies. This can go that little extra mile to boost your team’s confidence and morale and improve their performance in the next game.